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Our Co-Ed Baby Shower

When I first mentioned the idea of a co-ed baby shower to my family I received rolling eyes and raised eyebrows. I get this a lot. I tend to take the unconventional route so I had my reasoning prepared. “This baby is just as much Joe’s as he is mine, if we are going to be celebrating the baby I want his father there to celebrate with me.”

I won.

I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about the idea myself. I am definitely classified as a people pleaser and I was extremely anxious and worried that the guests wouldn’t enjoy themselves or would be bored.

Fast forward to the day of the shower, I looked out at the room of approximately 50 of our closest friends and family and no matter the gender, male or female everyone was interacting, engaging, smiling, and laughing. THEY WERE HAVING FUN! And all my worries quickly faded away.

I believe that one of the main reasons that the co-ed shower was a success was due to our planning of the activities.

We specifically chose activities that:

  1. Would not embarrass anybody,
  2. Did not single anybody out, and
  3. Guests could go about completing at their own pace.

Here’s some pictures of the activities we provided:

Guess the Sweet Mess – Six diapers were filled with melted chocolate bars. Guests had the were invited to go up to the diapers during the shower and write on a ballot what chocolate bar they thought made each mess.

Dad Jokes – Joe is the youngest of 3 brothers, as soon as they found out that we were expecting his brothers informed Joe that he needed to get together his best dad jokes for his transition to Dadhood. I thought the shower would be the perfect occasion to provide him with some repertoire assistance and it worked…he received some pretty cheesy suggestions!

Photo Booth – I loved going through the pictures on my camera after the shower and seeing all the smiles and goofy faces from this very simple activity. The characters were all cut out of books that I found at a thrift shop and the “Once Upon A Baby” title was cut with my Cricut. The frame is simply a poster board I got at the dollar store and cut the centre out of.

Baby’s First Alphabet Book – I purchased this template from a shop on Etsy and am SO happy that I did. Each table had a box of pencil crayons and a few letters from the alphabet book. I expected that a couple people from each table would participate in the activity but was pleasantly surprised when we got home and realized almost all the letters were completed.

BINGO – This classic was a huge hit. Squares were left empty and guests filled in what they thought we would receive for gifts. The prizes included everything from nail polish to a 2 pack of craft beer.

Would you consider having a co-ed baby shower? Let me know in the comments below!

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