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Baby On Board

We are coming up on one year since we found out that our little love was on the way, here is our story as to how we found out.

*Trigger warning* We were blessed that our story had a happy ending but I understand that portions of this post may be a trigger as I touch on miscarriage and the fear and anxiety surrounding the early weeks of pregnancy.

I looked at the calendar on my phone and realized that I was a couple of days late. I can’t say that this is anything abnormal, I always seem to be a few days early or late depending on the month and normally just brush it off. This time however something was different I had a little voice inside me that said I needed to take a test. So naturally I took one. Three minutes later…positive. I was in utter and complete shock. I did not scream, I did not cry. Instead I casually walked downstairs to Joe getting ready for his day and said “I think that I’m pregnant.” He chuckled, then he looked up at me and said “Oh, you’re serious”.

From our reactions you would think that we weren’t happy, we were. But we were both in such a complete state of shock and disbelief that we seemed numb to the news. We both headed to work that day but by the time lunch came around it finally hit me. I might be pregnant.

I headed to the clinic on my lunch break and they administered a test. After a few minutes the nurse came back. “Your results were…negative.” But the test I took at home just that morning was positive, I didn’t understand. The nurse then informed me that at-home pregnancy tests actually tend to be more accurate then the tests that they had in the office. I was advised to take another test at home in a few days and if that also came back positive to head to my family doctor.

I made it about two days before I took another not one, not two, but three tests. I went to the drugstore and got every brand they had.

Test one – POSITIVE

Test two – POSITIVE

Test three – POSITIVE

Those positive pregnancy tests weren’t enough for me though. I needed a medical professional to tell me I was pregnant. I headed to the clinic again that Saturday with Joe where they administered another test.

You are pregnant.

The doctor must have seen the continued disbelief on our faces because he followed that with “Was this a planned pregnancy?”.

Joe and I looked at each other and just smiled and said in unison, “Yes”, and we weren’t lying.

You see we weren’t trying, we had tried. Singular. That is where the shock and disbelief stemmed from. We were so extremely excited to welcome a new little addition to our family we just didn’t expect we would be blessed with being able to welcome him or her so soon.

The days and weeks that followed were filled with anxiety, blood tests, phone calls back and forth with the doctors, and ultrasounds.

At 7 weeks I started to spot, and was told to prepare for a miscarriage.

I was sent for blood tests every 48 hours. My HCG numbers continued to drop.

At 8 weeks I was sent for an ultrasound to determine whether the pregnancy was viable. I remember reading the ultrasound requisition “Determine viability of pregnancy, if viable book 10 week ultrasound”. I was so scared.

Finally I was called in.

My ultrasound technician happened to be a friendly and familiar face and for that I was so thankful. If it wasn’t for her I would have been an absolute puddle.

A heartbeat was found and I was shown the little bean on the screen. In that moment a switch flipped shooting a bolt of love through my body.

I was going to be a mom.

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